Richard Wilson – Health Update

Dear Friends at BPPC,Richard and Ann Wilson

Health Prognosis is Quite Good

Thank you for your concern and the good news is that I’m doing very well with no infection in the lungs but I am still very tired and still in recovery mode. I went to see the oncologist on Tuesday and he felt after examining all the CT scans and various blood tests that my cancer is moving very slowly and my general health is in good order. The next step would be chemotherapy but he was reluctant about administering chemotherapy when it would not change my lung function and cardiac performance one iota. This could be my settled condition for quite some time. Doing regular exercise that is within my capacity, taking good quality supplements to strengthen my immune system and my regular medication that has struck a good balance, I believe the prognosis is quite good.

No-Go for Visit to India

The only downside was that the doctor, along with my entire family, was not happy about me going back to India in September – October 2019. Also, India and Pakistan are in a state of high alert for nuclear warfare. This potential war is really a proxy war of China. We cannot afford another bout of pneumonia and or influenza. These conditions are far more dangerous than my cancer.

The Importance of Training Others

Thankfully Hiralal Solanki and now Luxmi (Hiralal’s wife) are able to cover much of my work and there are outstanding teachers that I have trained to be able to do all the work that I do in the LEM phonics program. I had two week-long LEM phonics seminars planned for Faith Academy in Delhi and Grace Academy in Dehradun. I was to attend the dedication service of pastors residents that IRFA was supporting as a project and Hiralal will be able to be at the dedication in Ramachandrapuram in my place.

Some Plans on Hold

I was planning to be in central India to meet all the new pastors in the new work in central India. Sadly, that will have to wait for another time. I was hoping to fit in a visit to Pastor Uma Sharma with the Nepal Campus Church in Kathmandu. Also, the work at the Darjeeling Hills Bible School in Mirik was looking for a seminar on evangelism. Again this will have to wait for another time.

Please continue to pray for this work.
Your brother in Christ,
Richard and Ann Wilson