John Rowse Update – March 2022

Dear praying friends,

Here is the latest update from Moses. As you will see, he is going as strong as ever, now back home in Isoka. He has a regular Sunday night, one-hour spot on Radio ISO Fm, which is also digital – as was Chinsali – and the national ZNBC every Friday from 6.35 to 7.00 pm. This last broadcast is pre-recorded in Isoka and sent each week by email to Lusaka.

Pastor Nyibuko Mwambola has just completed a seminar for 40 evangelists, which has gone very well.

I have nearly finished the first draft of an extensive study in English, on understanding and communicating justification by faith alone, which has gathered together probably most of the material I will ever need to enable me to continue feeding the likes of Moses. As Covid and time allow, or on Zoom, I am always glad to work with churches in Australia also, in an effort to multiply this work.

I am also revising the Swahili edition of our teach-yourself workbook, Godwin Gugu and Godfrey Ngano.

Between these two books, this work in Africa should continue till the Lord returns. I am looking forward to returning myself later this year, maybe in August. Please pray that both books, especially the Swahili one, will be prepared in time.

Thank you for your faithful backing. On the home front, Beck is doing well, although she is hit with some (non-Covid) bug at the moment. Asha has exams in early March.

John – and Kay sends her love too.