John Rowse – Praise & Prayer (October 2018)

Dear friends,

Thank you for praying. God has opened doors.

1.  The seminar with a small group of Baptist pastors and others went well.  Please pray they’ll pass it on, and that a wider door will open to the Baptists there and elsewhere.

2.  The seminar with 200+ church leaders just out of Mbeya with the Mbalizi Evangelistic Church was a dream come true. They had grown amazingly since I last TRIED to teach them in 1999 – 19 years back when some of the pastors got angry. This time they were SO open. God had been working.

3.  Please pray for my travelling today – over 300k’s. I’m in Njombe, a good way (180k?) southwest of Mbeya, and I’m heading further south in the direction of the Mozambique border. Tomorrow I’ll be preaching in the Lutheran cathedral, and then to fellowship folk in the afternoon. Pray for that and also for talks about a possible seminar with all their pastors on my return journey – from where?

4.  From Mtwara(Oct 22-24) and Lindi (Oct 25-27) on the East Coast of TZ, where I will be with pastors and others from different churches. It is incredible how these doors have just opened. I will have a seminar in Masasi next week (Oct 10-12), arranged by Baptists, and then the following week, Oct 16-18, one with very high church Anglicans. I was not expecting they would agree. And there’s more, including working with some dear friends from the Africa Inland Mission (US) “TIMO”) mission – and this coming Monday I should be, God willing, in Tunduru, at a Brethren (CMML) Bibe school teaching all day.

All these places are on the far south side of TZ. It is a LOT of travelling. Please pray, and please give thanks for all these opportunities.

5. We have just had great news from our lawyer. We have finally received the consent letter needed from the government authority overseeing trusts for our trust (The Uhakika Christian Education Trust Fund) to obtain Right of Occupancy over the housing compound in Mbeya, which is our HQ.

6. Please pray for Asha, with her final (Year 12) exams coming up next month).

Thank you all so so much!

John – with lots of love from Kay.