John Rowse – Update 25th June

John Rowse – Spiritual Shakings

Heaven or Hell?

The big seminar I had been looking forward to for so long has finished – disastrously.

After 18 hours of teaching over five days, a good group of the pastors and some of their wives – and mothers’ union leaders – seemed to be coming onside. By the time we reached the last session; to the question, “What happens to a true believer who dies with some sin in his heart, there was a loud chorus of ‘Heaven’.”

The Bishop Steps In

Then, in the end, the bishop thanked me for stimulating their thinking and calmly added that we would have to “agree to disagree”, because, of course, if a believer dies with some sin he will go to Hell. And when he asked the group (each one desperately dependent on him for the little food they get) “Where would you go if you died in the middle of some sin?” there was a deafening chorus of “Hell!”

On the first day, he heartily thanked me for the teaching, and after that, I mistakenly thought we were of one mind. He kept his cards close to his chest, even though we shared the same table at meal times each day. He waited to drop his bombshell until I had no opportunity to respond in their hearing.

He later shared with me that one pastor had tried during the seminar to seduce another pastor’s wife, and he casually added, “This is the work of your teaching.”

Moving On

I’m still stunned. But when you just ache to see these sad people understand and believe the gospel and be set free, it’s devastating. They all went away with copies of the Bible-study book. Pray that they will use it in their churches and that they will let the Scriptures decide for them what is true. Of course, if they do so, they will be in a vulnerable position. Please pray for them – and for Dr George. It would be fantastic if he saw the light and then passionately put things right with the pastors. We know who will have the final say.

Please pray for safe driving to Dar – it’s a long haul – and flying to Melbourne later this week.

God bless and see you soon