Sermon Series – Ezra

These studies by Pr André Schwartz highlight the importance of being faithful to the Covenant God makes with His people. Unfortunately Israel often forgot to be faithful and had to pay the consequences.  We need to remember that “faithfulness” will be the measure of our reward when we meet the Lord.  “Come in good and […]

Occasional Sermons

These messages are normally preached by visitors to the Pulpit of the BPPC, although sometimes our regular preachers may give an occasional message.  For example, Christmas, Father’s day and others. [seriesengine_wo enmse_dsst=1 enmse_dss=2367 enmse_pag=10 enmse_apag=12 enmse_e=1 enmse_d=1 enmse_r=1 enmse_sort=1 enmse_htd=1]