Young in Heart – Reminiscing



Memories – Recognise Anyone?

What’s Your Age?

What age is too old to be young at heart? Well, I guess “young at heart” has no age limits because you can’t see inside to test it out. I imagine that the meter to test the youngness would be the “Joy Scale” of just wanting to be with others of whatever age. God made us “gregarious”, which is just another fancy word for “liking being with people” and that’s what Young at Heart is all about. Here’s a summary of how it got started.

Young in Heart is born!

In May 1998 after a bus trip to the Gold Coast and Currumbin Creek, a questionnaire among the older folk in the congregation resulted in the formation of the “Young in Heart” Group with the first meeting marked for 7 August of that year. David Watson was elected Coordinator and Corrine Newby, Secretary-Treasurer.

The purpose of the Group is mutual support, to enjoy one another’s company and Christian Fellowship, as well as other activities. The Rev Dan Mihailovic set the tone for future meetings with a great guitar presentation and a testimony of how he became a Christian and entered the Ministry. Each one shared something from their experience which helped us to know and appreciate each other better.

Expressing Youthfulness

Monthly meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month (presently the SECOND Friday) from 9:30 am – 11:30 am. In October the meeting took the form of another bus trip, this time to Bribie Island, and in November David and Ann Watson will demonstrate “Bark Picture Making,” (See some of the student’s work below – all Melaleuca bark.) which they have been teaching for the last twenty years. The December meeting will be a Christmas Party.

Still Young in Heart!

21 Years on, the “Young in Heart” is still young in heart, although quite a number of the original group have been promoted to Glory and are with the Lord. Those who remain are anxious for others to come along and put their “Joy-Meters” to work as well. Don’t miss it on the second Friday of next month and “taste and see” how good it is. See you there!

Jim Hopkin