My Father’s Voice

A Voice from Africa

A missionary with years of experience in Chad, Africa, writes,

“During our years in Chad we received cassette tapes (that shows how old we are!) of services from our home church. One day I sat down to listen to a service which had been recorded several weeks before. As I listened to the congregation singing I was suddenly aware that I could hear my father’s voice. What made that unusual was that my Dad didn’t go to that church, they didn’t even live in that town! But I was so sure that it was his deep base voice that I could hear.

Voice Recognition – Easy

The next time we spoke on the phone I mentioned this, and he said yes, they were there, passing through on their way to visit family! How was I able to pick out and recognise my father’s voice in amongst 400 other voices? Because I has stood beside him every Sunday as a child and his voice was so familiar to me. Jesus said that his sheep listen to his voice and follow him. The more we listen, the more familiar we become with the voice of the Lord. If we are not listening, we will miss it.”