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Lauren Crase’s Final “Tales from E. Timor”

This is Lauren’s last “Tales from East Timor” and we’ll miss them.  It’s a great run-down of many things that have happened in her and through her during her few years in East Timor.  So spend a few minutes to read it, but clicking on “read more” below, or on the photo.  She writes, “Whether […]

Lauren Crase – News 2018.10.25

[pdf-embedder url=”https://bppc.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/2018.10.25-LC-Newsletter.pdf” title=”2018.10.25 LC Newsletter”]

Lauren Crase News – February 2018

As I think and pray about this coming year, it’s hard to believe that my two-year term in Timor Leste will be finishing at the end of May this year.  My parents will be coming to visit me in June, and then we will travel back to Brisbane together to start my home assignment.  In […]

Lauren Crase – December, 2017

A huge thank you to all who have supported me prayerfully, physically or financially. I will be returning to Dili on 10th January and then it will be straight back into the work I was doing prior to returning home.

Lauren Crase – September, 2017

Bondia hotu hotu! What a month! I think this past month of September has been my busiest yet! As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter update, I spent the first week of September getting to know the wonderful nursing team of an NGO which works at the National hospital training nurses. I was able to […]