John Rowse – September Update

Dear praying friends,

I hope you are escaping Covid? I guess, for many of you, your services are on Zoom, like ours at present?

A Bishop and Justification by Faith

I am planning with Pr Mwambola to get him up to Tabora, and to spend a short time with the bishop, and a couple of other heavies from the Anglicans there. You may recall that by providence alone Mwambola and the bishop were sharing a room some time back on an Israel trip, and discussed almost nothing else but justification through faith alone. This was after the bishop had firmly shut the door in my face to teaching in that diocese. Well, the bishop appeared to have come around–although, we’ll see.  At least, he asked Mwambola to come and teach them in Tabora.  We’re trying to set that up right now–within the next couple of weeks, while Mwambola has his annual leave.

I had thought that Mwambola would teach them straight, but he wants just to teach the top guns to clear the way for me to go back there in the new year, hopefully, and have a second shot at them. Please pray that this will come about.

Moses Still Speaks – on the Radio

Moses, in Zambia, is still going strong, although they have just had a change in the ruling party and President, following violent elections.  He took the opportunity to address the violence in his recent Sunday night programmes, and it has proved fruitful, according to the testimony of some of the listeners who had been involved in the hatred–even pastors.  He has had some moving testimonies of repentance. He keeps running into other pastors who are blessed by the way he always focuses on the basic gospel.  He has been amazed how former enemies of the gospel are either changed or “in hiding.”  Almost all the comments he receives, both on radio and by SMS after, or by meeting people in town, indicate that people are very warmly responding to the gospel.

Thank you, thank you, for praying, and for all your backing. Please keep praying for me that I’ll keep focussed, and have clear thinking and patience as I work on this material.

We are all well.