Accessing the BPPC Daily Prayer Fellowship

Dear BPPC Members,

Greetings in the precious Name of our living Lord Jesus Christ.

Church Upsets

The Coronavirus has caused some upsets in the life of many churches, but thanks to technology today we are still able to carry on many of our normal activities. Prayer is something that “nothing can stop” so we want to encourage everyone to dedicate some time between 6:00 – 6:30 am each day to pray for our Pastor, Elders, Members, Missionaries and activities. If that’s too early for you then choose some other prime-time moment when you can.

An Invitation

This is an invitation to you to join with other brothers and sisters each morning, online, using a simple meeting app called Zoom. So here are the steps for you to get online with us to pray:

  1. First read these points, then,
  2. Click here to download Zoom.
  3. After downloading, click on “Zoom…exe” to install the programme.
  4. You will see, “Your meeting will begin soon” so just wait and then;
  5. Type your name in the box that appears for future meetings, eg. John Smith.
  6. Click on “Join Meeting.”
  7. Click on “Join with Video.”
  8. Click on “join with Computer Audio”.
  9. Maybe you might like to “Test your speakers and microphone.” Try it to make sure everything is good.
  10. Now the video screen will open and you should see yourself and others as they join.
  11. Make sure you have Computer video and audio enabled so you can see and hear others. (Cursor over the bottom left of the Zoom screen to toggle on and off)

For MACs and Smart-phones

If you have a MAC then Google, “Download Zoom” and when the page comes up click on the Apple icon to download Zoom and install as usual. With a smartphone, just go to the App Store and search for Zoom, download it and install like other apps.

Joining a Meeting

If you already have Zoom installed then:

  1. Open Zoom from your list of programmes (Start Menu), or desktop;
  2. Click “Join”;
  3. Write in the meeting ID: 780-567-230. This is always the ID for the BPPC Daily Prayer Fellowship. It should be there in the ID box if you click the little arrow on the right of the box, and then the ID number of this meeting. If you have others, they will also come up.

If you need any help to install it, please don’t hesitate to ask me at 04 1768 1142.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday morning,

Bob Harvey