Dear Friends

Flooding in Dili

Waist-high floodwaters in Dili – Timor Leste

Over the Easter weekend, there has been torrential rain in Timor and particularly in Timor’s capital city, Dili, and surrounding areas. On Easter Sunday morning, people living in Dili woke to disastrous flooding conditions. The country has already been under the strain of rapidly rising covid cases and now another horrific ordeal to overcome for this already struggling young nation.

The Current Situation

Aerial View of Dili

Moyses and Josie who are in Dili informed us that over 8000 people are now homeless. People are living in churches, government buildings and simple tent-like coverings and many are without electricity. The most recent report was that the Casa Vida (Child Protection) shelters have no electricity or water. Alina shared that so far 30 people in Dili and surrounding districts have lost their lives and many others are still missing. Vasco said that he and his family in Tasi Tolu, near the airport have lost all their possessions along with many others in this area.

How You Can Help

  • Please pray with us for fine weather so the people can begin the huge task of cleaning up their homes for those who still have a home.
  • Pray that those who are still missing will be found alive.
  • Pray for urgent practical assistance to provide people with suitable shelter, food, water, and clothing.
  • Pray for strength for our team in Dili who are working tirelessly with the big clean up at Casa Vida and other areas.
  • Pray for Protection from illness & the spread of diseases.
  • Pray that as Jesus’s servants in Timor give assistance in so many practical ways during this disaster, many Timorese will become followers of our beloved Lord and God.
  • Pray for Weberek; Moyses & Josie report that although there has been heavy rain in Weberek, thankfully, they have not experienced the devastating flooding that has occurred in Dili.
  • Please pray for our friend Maria from Weberek, (photo left, with Josie). Maria is very sick in Weberek but cannot be transported out to medical assistance because of flooded and severely damaged roads. Please pray with us and ask our Lord Jesus to help and heal Maria.

Many in Dili and the surrounding districts have lost all their possessions. Many have lost homes, and some have lost loved ones while others are still clinging desperately to the hope of finding their missing loved ones. If the Lord has laid on your heart to help with a monetary gift, donations can be deposited into the Para Marcia account with the reference, ‘Flood Relief’.

Flood Relief Donation – Account Details:
Para Marcia – ANZ Australia
BSB: 012800
Account No: 294390576

Thank you for praying with us at this very difficult time for the people of Timor-Leste,

Moyses, Josie, Edy, Lety, Carol, Abu & Lucinda