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Young at Heart Report

by Donald Geddes last modified Jul 08, 2013 04:23 AM
Highlights from the last Young at Heart gathering

Young at Heart in action“Bob and Dolly Dyer” made a special appearance at the last “Young at Heart” gathering. They revived the old “PICK-A-BOX” programme for a fun-filled morning which was well attended.

Pairs of contestants had to answer Bible Questions correctly in order to have a chance to ‘Pick-a-Box’. ‘Bob.’ Tried unsuccessfully to get them to take the money (or Honey) instead of the Box. Quite a number ended up with prizes and everyone had a great time.

The Devotional was also on the theme of “Pick-a-Box” – in this case the ‘box’ was the enormous stone coffin of the giant Og King of Bashan, mentioned in Deuteronomy 3. We were challenged not to fear the ‘giants’ (problems, health issues, sadness etc.) but to defeat them in the strength of the Lord.

The Next “Young at Heart” for Seniors will be on Friday 12th July.

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