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Update on Thang Bwee

by Bob Harvey last modified Nov 04, 2016 08:00 PM
Praise God for the good progress Thang Bwee is making.

From: Bill Lutton <>
Subject: Thang Bwee's surgery successful!
Date: 4 November 2016 at 10:48:42 AM AEST
To: Interested Friends

Hello, everyone.

It took a while to get news of Thang Bwee's surgery, but Franco Salaun, who has been looking after him, visited Thang Bwee in Cardiac ICU yesterday, and reports that he found him groggy, but fairly pain free, in good spirits.

He didn't get to ICU until Wednesday night, after yet another surgery delay, and still had some 8 drains which were beginning to be removed yesterday.

The ICU head and the surgical registrar were both pleased with the results of the surgery and his early recovery progress. He's expected to be in ICU for a few days.

I've passed this news on to Nelly and the family, students and church, through Bowie Benjamin, TB's second son, who's still waiting for the Aus embassy to issue his visa to come to Aus to assist his father. TB's visa extension has been granted, praise God.

Thanks for all your prayer support and personal concern.

In His strength-giving joy,
Bill Lutton

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