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Lucinda's June update

by Bob Harvey last modified Jun 26, 2017 02:52 PM

Dear Friends,

A Tasmanian in Timor

I arrived back in Timor on 22 April. John Tickell from Tasmania who has been serving the Lord in Timor as a volunteer with his wife Ann for many years now, traveled to Weberek with me. John not only refreshed us with his company but also helped with several practical jobs that needed attending to at the house.

Lauren's English Classes

Lauren taught English to a group in Weberek and in the village of Besusu between February and May. Lauren left Weberek on 22 May and is currently in Australia. Pray that Lauren’s English students will retain what they have learnt and have other opportunities in the future to further their English. Pray for Lauren as she prepares for the work that the Lord has for her when she returns to Timor.

Pray for Milton's Cleft Palate

Six year old Milton from Weberek (photo left with his family) had a cleft lip repaired in 2012 at the Dili National Hospital. His parents were told to bring him back when he was 5yrs old for the palate repair.. This was not possible last year as they had no where to stay. Some friends were able to receive them recently in Dili so Milton and family came with us in early May to begin the process of having Milton’s cleft palate operation. The reception staff at the National hospital refused to receive Milton as a patient as his parents had lost Milton’s patient record card so we took Milton to Dr Dan Murphy’s Clinic. Dr Dan put Milton on Dr Mark Moores list. Dr Moore is a plastic surgeon who visits Timor to perform cleft palate and other surgery. Dr Dan will call Milton's parents once Dr Moore notifies of his impending visit to Timor. Please pray that that this operation can take place in the near future and that that Milton would be able to get some assistance with speech if necessary following the palate repair.

Whose Counsel to Follow?

Senorina, a young woman in her early twenties from Weberek (left in photo left) was pregnantthis time last year and expecting her first child in the November. Sadly, against medical advice, Senorina, her partner and family chose to remain in Weberek for the birth of their child even though she had very strong indications of a condition in pregnancy known as pre-eclampsia. Her blood pressure had risen and she had very swollen feet. Alina and I notified Dr Nico our local doctor who visited Senhorina and started her on antihypertensive medications in October last year. He advised them to go to Same so they could be close to the hospital. . They chose to remain in the village and call Clara the local Traditional birth attendant. When Senhorina went into labour in early November Dr Nico and Alina and I were not in Weberek. The family called Clara rather than the ambulance or the government nurse who was in the village. Senorina developed eclampsia in labour. When she started convulsing and losing copious amounts of blood from her nose and mouth the government nurse was notified and an ambulance called for. The baby died in utero in transit to Maubise hospital (4-5hr road trip). A caesarean was performed at Maubise hospital and then Senorina was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit at Dili hospital.

Influence of Witch-doctors

In early June Alina and I drove to Same with Senorina’s Father to bring Senhorina and her Mum Joanna back to Weberek. Balsenor, Senorina’s Father told us that Senorina's partner had left her three months ago and that he and his wife Joanna were taking care of their daughter. He explained that at first Senorina couldn't walk as the illness had left her paralysed. Gradually she was able to walk again but still has poor control of her left arm. Senorina does not recognise any of her family and needs some help to care for herself. She gets angry very easily and has tried to bite her parents at times. Senorina needs our prayer. When we brought Senorina back to Weberek her parents were very happy for us to pray for her but they also planned to seek the witch doctors treatments for their daughter. Please pray with us for healing for Senorina and that her family will know that it is the Lord who has healed her. This time last year Senorina was a happy young woman and looked in appearance very similar to her older sister standing behind Senorina and their parents in the photo. Please pray for the people of Weberek to put their faith in our Lord and trust the medical care that is offered to them.

The Triton is Sick Again

Alina and I have now been back in Dili for just over a week. The Triton has gone back to the mechanic now for the third time since the completion of its engine recondition in January. When we left Dili to return to Weberek with Milton and his family on 13 May, just three days after the vehicle came out of the mechanic to fix oil leaks, we discovered that the oil was at the low mark on the dipstick. We went back to the mechanic who gave us ten litres of oil to top up with until we returned to Dili. Last week on our return trip to Dili to take the Triton back to the mechanic the engine overheated several times and we had to stop and let the engine cool before we could ascend each steep hill. Just after Manatuto about an hour and a half from Dili the vehicle started to stall. When we stopped and lifted the bonnet we discovered oil splattered over the engine. It was almost night at this stage so by the time we were able to get some help and a tow it was just after midnight by the time we reached Dili. Please pray with us that everything that is not right with the engine recondition will be fixed while it is with the mechanic this time.

Please continue to pray for Filamenu and Manuela who separated in March. Pray that each can forgive the other and for a renewed love from the Lord for one another.

Medical Equipment and Para Marcia

When Alina and I were in Same we had a meeting with Orlando Martins who was the director of the Wedauberec Clinic and who is now working for the Health Department in Same. Orlando has compiled a concise list of medical equipment needs of each of the clinics in the district of Manufahi. Please pray with us that through Para Marcia we will be able to fulfil this list and for the Lords clear guidance as we continue to work with local health authorities to achieve a higher standard of health care.

Koinonia Weberek

Please continue to pray for the fellowship of believers in Weberek, ‘Koinonia Weberek’. Pray for each of the Lord’s children in Weberek to learn to wait on the Lord and recognise Gods leading in their lives each so that they will know the plans the Lord has for them each day. Pray that each will have an intimacy with the Lord that He desires them to have with Him. Pray also for each to have opportunity to share their personal testimonies of how they came to know Jesus, with others as the Lord leads. . Please continue to pray for Alina and I as we minister the gospel in Weberek and travel between Dili and Weberek.

Much love & friendship,

Lucinda & Alina




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