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Lucinda's Frustrations

by Bob Harvey last modified May 06, 2017 12:35 PM
Lucinda's Frustrations

Lucinda and Aline


Complications are dogging Lucinda's steps as she tries to get things moving in Weberek, so we really need to uphold her in prayer so she doesn't get discouraged.

The "new" 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser isn't as new as we thought although it's in beautiful condition. In February it passed the 5 year old mark, which means it's not in the importable range for vehicles to East Timor.  So it's more than likely that it won't be going unless something amazing happens.

So, with this in mind Lucinda needs our support and prayers.  Will you commit to praying for her regularly till we see God move in and resolve some of these issues.  Even Paul the Apostle, charges Christians to pray much, to pray unceasingly, to pray at all times, to pray in all things, and to make a business of praying. And then realizing his own dependence upon prayer for his arduous duties, his sore trials and his heavy responsibilities, he urges those to whom he wrote to pray especially for him.

How much more does our Lucinda need our prayers.

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