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Lauren Crase's News - July, 2016

by Bob Harvey last modified Aug 13, 2016 05:48 PM


Bondia hotu! Good morning all!

It is hard to believe that I have been in Timor almost 3 months now! It’s amazing how the time has flown, and how much I have learnt in my time here. It has truly been a blessing, being able to live with a Timorese family, to gain a greater insight into Timorese culture, relationships and language. Not to mention Sandra's helping me along with my language studies.

Language and Legal Issues

The bulk of this past month has been focused on language learning and my working VISA. Last newsletter, I shared that I had spent a great deal of time with the Department of Labor for Timor Leste. I am thankful to say, that I have been given approval to work in the country, and now just need the ‘VISA’ so I can live in the country. I have now submitted the whole application, and will return next week to check its progress. Lord willing, all the submitted documents will be correct, and the rest of the VISA process will be straightforward.

Unfortunately, as the Department of Foreigners (immigration), need three weeks to process the application, I will need to leave the country twice. Once on the 13th of August, as my tourist VISA expires, and then again once approval as been given for my work VISA. As flights to Darwin are quite expensive at the moment (around $600 return), I will be jumping across to Bali, which is a third of the cost. I am very blessed to have Sandra coming across with me. It will be a great time of rejuvenation, and reflection of the time so far, and the journey ahead.

Youth Camp

Shortly after our return, the Dili Evangelical Presbyterian Church is holding a youth camp, where youth from many districts across Timor have been invited. I am looking forward to this great time of encouragement and bible teaching for the youth of Timor Leste. Please pray for God to prepare the hearts of those that will be attending, and those that are busy organizing for this camp.

Practical Ministry

This past month, I have again been able to assist Sandra and Febia (photo top left)  with their Sundaysewing day in Dili school program. It is so wonderful to see the next generation of Timor Leste singing worship to Our Amazing God. On the 27th of July, I also had the pleasure of teaching the basics of sewing to 8 women (See photo) at the brand new training centre (Kadi Kapasidade) set up by the Bacon family. Four of the women who participated even drove an hour to make it to the event. Each of the women was taught the basics of using an electric sewing machine, and following a basic pattern. At the end of the day, everyone walked away with a bag they had hand made. Only one of the women had previous experience of using a sewing machine, and that was an old Singer treadle machine; which are still being used across Timor Leste today. Apart from being a great day of sewing, it was a great day of fellowship and the opportunity to encourage the women by looking at Psalm 139 of how God has "sewn us together in our mother’s womb" (Ps 139:13). Just as each of the women hand chose the fabric they would use and created a beautiful piece of work, so we have been created unique, beautiful and with purpose. A huge thank you to the staff at Kadi Kapasidade for organizing this great event.

Prayer Points

  • Praise point: give thanks that my greatest hurdle (the Department of Labor) is now finished with for my working VISA.
  • Please continue to pray for God’s timing for the approval of my working VISA. Upon my return from Bali, I will automatically be given a 30 day tourist VISA; however if my application is unsuccessful at immigration, I will need to apply for another extension of my tourist VISA. This process is not particularly complex, just further time andd expense.
  • Please continue to pray for my language learning.
  • Please pray for the youth camp coming up on the 19-21st August.


Until next month,

Maromak fo bensaun,


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