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by Bob Harvey last modified Apr 25, 2017 11:25 AM
John's news from Uganda


Dear friends,

Thankfully I am safely in Kasese in SW Uganda, with thanks to the use of a vehicle of Mission Aviation Fellowship - so no ghastly bus trip this time!  Some of the youth fellowship at the cathedral parish of St Paul's here were convinced yesterday, including one girl who  confessed that last time she heard me preach here she strongly rejected it.

Please be praying for the next three days especially, when this group of about 30 Anglican archdeacons and mission/evangelism co-ordinators from eight archdeaconries will be with me. They will be working through our course book on Biblical Sonship, in small groups, and hopefully then going home and getting the confidence to get people in their own areas and churches into small groups doing the same thing.

There are many more archdeaconries, but the Diocesan Secretary has brought this group together as a pilot project.  Some other key gentlemen will be with us also, who vet what is taught in churches in the diocese. If they all like what they see, it should later be done on a big scale throughout the diocese.

It's possible we will have some who have not done the course with me before. They are likely to be highly shocked when they see where the teaching is leading to, and they will especially need a great heart-job to take the gospel of grace on board, and not to dismiss it as too dangerous to let loose on the "hoi polloi" (the common people) .

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