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John Rowse in Uganda

by Bob Harvey last modified Apr 22, 2017 04:12 PM
A quick note from the airport for praise and prayer.

April 21, 2017 - Quick Update.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your praying, especially for the Easter UKWATA conference. The turnout exceeded the organizers’ expectations – around 500. Because they were late in starting and the programme was tight, they cut me back by one session. But, from talking to the youth after the sessions, it seems that some of at least grasped the gospel.  Please pray that those who did will pass it on, and that those who didn’t will get to talk with those who did.

Please pray for Kay: she has had a lot of joint pain, lately, in her hips and knees. She’s been on the list for years for a hip replacement. Anti-inflammatories have been really helping, but lately they have been giving her grief in her stomach, giving her a lot of awful nausea.

I will give you another update soon. Right now I am in Nairobi airport on the way to Uganda, and they just give you 15 minutes of free internet. /  Too late – have to board.

Arrived safely in Entebbe, and now Kampala (Uganda). Please be praying for the long drive tomorrow to Kasese (SW Uganda) in a Toyota RAV, kindly provided by Mission Aviation Fellowship. For two weeks, I will be with the Anglican Diocese of Sth Rwenzori again, following up on the last visit. Then (the second week in May - the 15th) I should be in Soroti in the East, for a seminar with a large group of Baptists from the Teso area. The third week in May, I am with the folk from Bushikori orphanage just out of Mbale (This is over on the Kanya side of Uganda), and some local pastors.

Thankyou for your praying and for all your kindnesses, including donations. Please note – and pass on to others in your church – that the older account that Brown’s Plains Presbyterian Church have had with the Commonwealth Bank is now closing. So please use the Westpac details in the attached file.

Thanks for praying. I was especially grateful for the Lord's protection during a couple of incidents recently.


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