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John Rowse Again - for Prayer

by Bob Harvey last modified May 11, 2017 04:20 PM
John is having amazing opportunities, but the enemy is furious. Please pray.


Dear friends,

In the Midst of Seminars

Thank you for praying. I got back safely from Kasese to Kampala, changed cars and have just arrived tonight in Soroti, Eastern Uganda for three seminars with pastors from four Baptist associations over the next two weeks - starting this Monday. Please be praying for these meetings, and for seminar for pastors and others from different churches in Mbale, organized by the lady running the Bushikori orphanage just out of town. That starts Monday, May 22.

Please be praying for the archdeacons and mission coordinators who were trained at Kasese, that they will now train others in using the workbook.

The BIG Man needs prayer

Pray especially for Alfred, who is the overall diocesan mission co-ordinator, and for the Diocesan Secretary - the big man! - who is almost there but not quite as onside as Alfred. Alfred is really fired up. He's also keen on the programme to combat witch-hunting (which is a very serious problem there). I did a half-hour radio session on the issue, with him putting it into the local language. Alfred is duplicating the CD of that session and sending it out to each archdeaaconry. We also introduced the programme to the local police. They assembled a dozen or so officers to hear from us, and then asked me to speak to the suspects in the lock-up. VERY teachable.

The Reality - Violence

You may recall that shortly after my last visit chaos erupted in the area. Sadly 16 or so police were killed with machetes and spears, allegedly by supporters of the tribal king, and the government retaliated by killing around 100 locals, even women and children who had gathered at the palace to protect their king. They had been told that if they put porridge and something else on their heads they would be protected from bullets. It seems the police threw an incendiary device father into the palace and many were burnt to death. The king was arrested and is out on bail. but under some sort of house arrest awaiting trial. It is rather tense.

Honour Killing?

You may also recall mention of a girl who converted from Xislax and was killed by her father. He was arrested but was soon out again, and is still untouched after five years. The man who led her to Christ and other Christians had accepted this passively, because the Xislaxs had protested that the father was entitled to do this under their Sh. law. I took him to a Christian lawyer who reassured him that, no, that law gives the murderous father no immunity. The lawyer is now advising them how it might be followed up effectively but discretely so there won't be a backlash. Do pray that justice will be done, and that it might lead others to think twice before they do such a thing.

Thursday, on the way back to Kampala, and again today in Kampala, I had two very strategic meetings. One was with Johnson, the new incoming bishop of West Ankole Diocese, and today's was with Amos, the Provincial Secretary of the Church of Uganda (Anglican). Both are graduates from the Reformed Theological Seminary in the US, both have been principals at different times of the Uganda Bible Institute, and both are very keen for us to work together in the future. Do pray for guidance.

Please also pray right now for today's preaching - at a Baptist church in Soroti.

Thanks for all your care and prayer.


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