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From Hospital till Now! (Tollie)

by Bob Harvey last modified Jun 04, 2016 07:16 PM
The latest news from our favourite pint-sized correspondent


Good Afternoon Dearest Aunties and Uncles!

Amazing News

Guess what? I have the most amazing news! I'm OUT! I'm at home! I broke out of hospital! Well, not broke out, exactly. They told my Mumma I could go sometime soon and she practically ran out of there with me!  Hospital clothes on and all!  Haha! (That, sadly, is not a joke.. I literally was carried out of there with "Property of Gold Coast University Hospital" splashed across my chest.)

But alas, I'm out!!! Couldn't be happier. I'm revelling in my new role as head of the house. Shhhh. Don't tell my Pappa, but I'm calling all the shots at present! :) For example, Pappa wanted to show up on Sunday as a surprise to see you all but I decided I wasn't settled in at home yet and gave Mumma and Pappa a bit of a shocking night prior.. Oh well, people warned them right? Life with an adorable newborn.. ;)

Sorry I've been a stranger! I've been quite slack I know - running a house is time consuming!! It's also quite a hard task training Mumma to respond perfectly to each of my whims and needs.. She'll get there!

But let's take a look back on my week..

My final few days in hospital were riddled with visits - doctors, surgeons, nurses wanting a final cuddle with the "cutest little boy" etc!  I had a few saying I'd fit in their handbag.. Hmmmph! Mumma was not impressed!
My bandage became all wet and soggy because my wound opened up a little!  A few of the stitches gave way which made me irritable and the surgeon unhappy!  It was worrying that it may compromise my healing but after a few days, it's looking a little more stable.  In the long run, it will just end up being a bigger scar - so that's okay!
The doctors came daily and kept a close eye on my responses as my morphine dose decreased.. But I was perfectly fine! The last dose came and went and I had a few hiccups but I survived!! Which means, me entire body is drug-free for the first time in my entire life!  Apart from straight after birth, but sadly that didn't last long!
Oh and Guess what? I had my first time in a baby bouncer! I wasn't too impressed with any of the dangly things they keep putting in front of my face - TOYS, they call them.
But this whole movement thing is something I could definitely get used to! Ended up sitting there sucking my dum-dum with a blanky while my Mumma bounced me and made silly over-excited noises. Oh, adults. Haha


On Thursday, 24 hours after my final dose of morphine was administered, I was cleared to go home.  As soon as everyone had signed off on it, my Mumma didn't waste a second.  She lovingly scooped me up in her arms, and carried me out - through numerous doors, down two lifts, and as we transitioned from the smell of alcohol sanitiser to fresh air in the final corridor -- a walk she had done so many times on her own in the past few weeks as she had to leave me to the care of others -- she won't admit it, but I saw the glisten of fresh, warm tears stream down her face..  I was hers!
Finally. We had made it. And this was the first time she really felt it.

Anyway, enough with all the soppy stuff. Home time! Play time! Sleep time... Or not.  The first few days at home I honestly hardly slept.  I don't know - everything was new and exciting or new and scary and I just didn't cope so well.  It took me some time to adjust.  Plus, my dressing had just been changed and I was feeling the pressure. Literally. Everything hurt: burping, passing wind, pooping.  And now that I was off my strict feeding schedule of the hospital - I could feed whenever I desired!  (Aka CRIED!).  Goodbye Jenny Craig! Hello... Chubby! In two days, I had gained 150 grams! Wee! A midwife came to do a home visit and discovered I was putting on weight quite rapidly and she was surprised! Mumma wasn't. All I've been doing is feeding! :)
Still struggling with the pressure on my tummy, but my wound is healing well! The surgical team is happy! I have a few weekly checkups with the team and on Monday I will have my first full bath!!!
So here I am... Feeding. Pooping. Demanding cuddles. Being loved and adored by Mumma and Pappa, Oma and Opa!

Life is Grand.

Dare I say it? It's almost as if the past few weeks are far, far away.. Just a blur, really.  This is the start of a new chapter.. And we're all terribly excited.  God has blessed me immeasurably. Being in two hospitals and witnessing the struggles of others, especially the ones with not-so-positive outcomes, has helped me to fully realise His Great Hand in my healing and my life so far.  I only hope my journey has helped others along their own and perhaps brought others to our Lord Jesus.

I cannot wait to see you all. And thank you all personally for all of your prayers and unwavering support.
'Til Sunday.. Happy Eating!! ;)
Little Tolly-Tjalbe x


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