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Congratulations Jarrik and Sarah

by Bob Harvey last modified Apr 23, 2016 02:00 PM

The BPPC family congratulates Jarrik and Sarah on the birth of their first little, blonde haired boy, Tollak Johannes Halbe Stoker, at 6:49am on April 18th. In typical Sarah fashion she's made quite the impression on all the hospital staff with her laugh being heard through the corridors. She's doing well.


Tollak had to have immediate surgery and is still in hospital. For the time being he has a daily visit from the surgeons to assess his bowels and attempt to push some back in. Currently they've managed to get more than half in place. They're hoping to have all of his bowels in by this upcoming Tuesday; at which time he'll have another operation where they will close up his abdominal hole.

That means by mid next week we'll get to hug our little man for the first time! This week Tollak was treated to one of Sarah's wonderful tootsie rubs on his teeny, teeny feet. Throughout the whole massage he had his eyes open and looked very contented.

Promising Events

Probably the most promising event happened on Friday; when Tollak did his first poo into his nappy. This indicates that his bowels are functioning well; something we were all concerned about.

The Lord most certainly answers prayer and our little Tolly is most definitely benefiting from all of your prayers and support. We ask that you pray for the surgeons who check on him daily, and for those performing the operations. Sarah and I also ask that you pray for his continued healing and recovery; and for strength and fortitude for mummy and daddy. Hopefully we'll see you all again soon.

We love you all, our BPPC Family

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