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Communion and Pentecost Feast

by Glenese Parish last modified May 23, 2014 06:58 AM
Sunday, 8th June 2014

Grain offeringFifty days after God instituted the Passover and Israel left Egypt, they arrived at Mount Sinai. Here God gave them the Ten Commandments and all the ceremonial laws. God also commanded His seven Feasts to be held. The feast of the First Fruits, which was to be observed fifty days after the Passover, was one of these. The word Pentecost means fifty and therefore this feast is also known as the Pentecost Feast.

TorahThe intent of this feast was for Israel to praise God for His blessing of the land and provision of the harvest, as well as to remind them about the giving of His Law.

The upcoming Communion has been moved to the second Sunday in June and we will not just celebrate Communion, but combine it with a Pentecost Feast. This Feast has great significance for the Christian church as well, since this is the time when the Holy Spirit was given to us, fifty days after the resurrection of Christ.

For catering purposes: If you plan to attend, please add your name to the list which is on the table in the church foyer.

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