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BPPC calls André Schwartz

by admin last modified Apr 24, 2016 06:27 AM
At our congregational meeting on the 17th April, the members of Browns Plains Presbyterian Church voted unanimously to call Wilhelm André Schwartz "to undertake the work of ministry and the preaching of the Gospel among us".

Following a six month selection process, the Selection Committee reported to the congregation their recommendation that André's name be 'inserted in a call' (the formal process by which a Presbyterian minister is called).

A vote to call André was taken by secret ballot and approved without any dissent. Members were then invited to subscribe to the call by signing the offical papers in the presence of commissioners appointed for that purpose by the congregation.

Earlier in the meeting a Ministry Support Fund Schedule that had been prepared by the Committee of Management was approved. The schedule will be forwarded to the PCQ Committee on Ministry Resources for their approval and subsequently presented to the Presbytery of Mowbray.

The call (together with all supporting documents) will be brought to the Presbytery of Mowbray on Tuesday, 3rd of May. Representing the congregation to support the call in the presbytery meeting will be Elders Walter Kite and Joe Papajcsik and Mr Malcolm Webber who were appointed by the congregation as their commissioners.

Members who were not able to attend the meeting are encouraged to sign the call as soon as possible. There will be an opportunity to sign the call following worship services on 24th April and 1st May. Members must sign the call in the presence of one of the commissioners or assistant commissioners. Members who wish to sign the call but are unable to do so on either Sunday are encouraged to contact one of the commissioners here listed:

Commissioners to Presbytery
Elder Walter Kite
Elder Joe Papajcsik
Malcolm Webber

Assistant Commissioners
Elder Ken Crase
Elder Nathan Stewart
Ron Inwood

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