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by Browns Plains Presbyterian Church — last modified Apr 01, 2014 10:32 AM
Articles on various topics by BPPC and guest writers

What is a Church?

Back to Biblical Basics (BBB) on Ecclesiology

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Christ and the Law

A common fundamental premise with regard to the Old Testament Law in so much as it relates to the whole question of righteousness, and how we are to get that righteousness, is the idea that we simply believe in Christ and it's all fixed. Contrary to this premise, Paul argues that Christ Himself represents more than just the "Ticket" to justification before a Holy God. Paul's desire is to explain the great gulf between Jewish thinking in relation to the Law and Gentile inclusion into what both Jew and Gentiles need, and that is the declaration of being free of God's condemnation under the Law. In one sense it is that simple - believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved. Yet on the other hand, the complexity that makes it so simple is profound. Christ and the Law......more than easy believism.

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God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility

A seemingly contradictory doctrine - let's go Back to Biblical Basics (BBB)

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Weekly Insight

Things to think about

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Spiritual Vision

A short series based on Colossians

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Why Doctrine?

Four reasons why Biblical doctrine matters

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How can I pray for missionaries?

Areas of a missionary's life that need prayer.

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My Father's Voice

Strange how voices stand out to us, even after year of silence.

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